Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the application process for Protecticoat?

Please read all instructions before applying. That being said, the process if very simple. Thoroughly clean the item to be coated using dish detergent or comparable cleaning soap, let it dry, spray it, let cure for 24 hours. That’s it!!

  • What is Protecticoat

Protecticoat is an acrylate polymer solution that applies evenly and rejuvenates the appearance of many different surfaces with a faded and/or oxidized exterior, restoring depth to color-infused products while adding a sheen to oxidized surfaces. Protecticoat works on fiberglass, painted surfaces, and plastics. The more oxidized, the better. Common applications include recreational vehicles (RVs), tractors and other equipment, lawnmowers, metal lawn furniture and fencing, metal buildings, and virtually any item that was originally manufactured using single stage paint. The product will penetrate the pores to bring back the deep, rich colors and will adhere to and seal the surface to prevent future fading and oxidation caused by the sun, salt spray, and other environmental contaminants. The product is clear in color and can be applied to any color of finish. Once cured, wax may be applied on top of the coating for even more shine and protection.

  • How many coats are required to achieve and even finish?

This will depend on the level of oxidation and damage that the surface has experienced so far. Protecticoat should  be applied in several light coats until the desired appearance is realized. Spraying in heavy coats will cause the product to run.

  • Is Protecticoat for all used RV’s? 

No. Protecticoat is designed to restore the finish and luster to used units with a faded or discolored appearance. Protecticoat will not take the place of painting or clear coating, hence the vast cost differences between the processes. The product may not work on units that have had another sealer put on the surface at a prior time. If there is oxidation and the surface still exhibits a mirror-like appearance, there has most likely been another sealer already applied. Please visit www.protectivecoatingsofgeorgia.com and visit the gallery to see pictures of units that have been coated.

  • How long does Protecticoat last?

Over the life of the development of Protecticoat at MidState RV and at various farms with all types of equipment, we have warrantied and continue to warranty the coating for one year. Like any protective coating product, the life of the coating is subject to ambient conditions: The harsher the conditions, the shorter the life. The more favorable the conditions, the longer the life. At such time that the product needs to be reapplied, no sanding or similar preparation is necessary. Simply prep as you did before the first coat by cleaning thoroughly, dry and apply. The product will go over and blend with itself.

  • Is Protecticoat easy to apply? 

YES. After proper cleaning and drying, just pour the premixed product into spray cup, reattach to spray gun, THEN SPRAY!  The product can be used in an electric or compressed air spray gun. Or simply spray from the aerosol can. Please see application video at www.protectivecoatingsofgeorgia.com.

  • Is Protecticoat covered by any kind of warranty?

Yes. When applied correctly, the product comes with a standard one-year warranty that will cover the cost of the product. Although, we have been applying the product for about five years with no issues so far.

  • What is the shelf life of Protecticoat?

When kept in a sealed container, the product will last indefinitely.

  • At what temperature can Protecticoat be applied?

The surface temperature of the object being coated should be at least 50oF. The product should only be used in a well-ventilated area, preferably outside and in direct sunlight. Please see the Instructions section for a full guide to application.

  • How does Protecticoat defend against future sun damage and oxidation?

Protecticoat is formulated using a substantial amount of U.V. inhibitor that acts to defend against harmful rays from the sun. Protecticoat will not yellow, discolor, crack, or peel from exposure to sunlight.

  • Where can I buy Protecticoat?

Protecticoat can be purchased via our website at protectivecoatingsofgeorgia.com using PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can check out as a guest. We plan to have a dealer network set up in the future. We currently only ship to the contiguous 48 states using FedEx Ground.

  • Can Protecticoat be used on clear coat or automotive paint?

No. Do not apply the product to any automobile or any product that already has a layer of clear coat on the surface. The product should only be applied over single stage paint.

  • Does Protecticoat need to be mixed or diluted?

No. The product is a one-part coating that needs no mixing or dilution. The product is ready to apply as is.

  • How do I know if the surface is capable of being restored?

Protecticoat is a coating, not a paint. The surface being restored must still have some paint or pigment left for the product to work with. If the surface is faded and oxidized, Protecticoat will most likely restore it.

  • Should I cover windows when applying Protecticoat?

Yes, windows should be covered or taped off. We have found that using a piece of cardboard to shield the glass to be sufficient but taping off is also an option. Overspray on glass windows can be removed with fine steel wool (000, 0000) and will not harm the glass. Xylene or acetone and a paper towel or rag can also be used. Then clean with window cleaner. DO NOT spray onto Plexiglass. The solvents used in the product will attack Plexiglass, causing it to dull.

  • Can the product be sprayed on turn signals and headlights?

Yes, Protecticoat will not harm these areas and will protect them from oxidation going forward.

  • Should I wear a respirator when applying Protecticoat?

Yes, when applying large quantities using spray gun. Using the aerosol can, treat it as you would in a situation of applying spray paint. I always wear one when coating a large piece of equipment or RV. One is usually not necessary when using the aerosol can, but that is completely up to the user at your discretion.

  • How do I know when I can apply Protecticoat?

The object to which you are applying the product should have at least some level of oxidation. For most new paints, there is a thin protective coating that must wear before application. Always test a small area to make sure that the coating will adhere as intended.

  • What is the recommended coverage area of Protecticoat?

This depends on the level of oxidation that you are trying to cover. As a general rule, a gallon will cover about 600 sq. ft. One can of aerosol will cover about 35 sq. ft.

  • What should I do if my aerosol can doesn’t spray properly after a few uses?

Every time the can is used, it should be turned upside down and sprayed to clear the tip. Even with doing this, the tip may still become clogged. Simply remove the tip (red piece on top) and soak in fingernail polish remover (acetone) or similar solvent for a few minutes. Put the tip back on and spray. This should fix the problem.